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Stock selection 

We currently have a wide range of stunning wedding dresses available to buy that is constantly being added to.  
Click here to see which sizes and designers we have available.  
Charlotte Balbier dress size 12
MV0001- Charlotte Balbier 
Size 12 
Victoria Jane dress size 14
MV0006- Victoria Jane 
Size 14 
Orea Sposa dress size 12
MV0012- Orea Sposa 
Size 12 
Vera Wang dress size 14
MV0036- Vera Wang 
Size 14 
Essence of Australia dress size 12
MV0037- Essence of Australia 
Size 12 
Provonias dress size 12
MV0064- Provonias 
Size 12 
Ronald Joyce dress size 12
MV0065- Ronald Joyce 
Size 12 
Enzoani dress size 20
MV0072 - Enzoani 
Size 20 
Berketex dress size 18
MV0073- Berketex 
Size 18 
Christina Wu Size 20
MV0096 - Christina Wu Size 20 
Nicole Aurora dress size 14
MV0081- Nicole Aurora 
Size 14 
Sincerity Bridal dress size 8-10
MV0046- Sincerity Bridal 
Size 8-10 
Mark Lesley dress size 12
MV0059- Mark Lesley 
Size 12 
Stella York dress size 12
MV0062- Stella York 
Size 12 
Martina Liana dress size 14
MV0079- Martina Liana 
Size 14 
Ronald Joyce Size 8
MV0067- Ronald Joyce 
Size 8 
Sincerity Bridal dress size 8-10
MV0045- Essence of Australia 
Size 12 
Mori Lee Size 16
MV0060- Mori Lee 
Size 16 
Justin Alexander Size 14/16
MV0080 - Justin Alexander Size 14/16 
Berketex Bride size 16
MV0058 - Berketex Bride - Size 16 
Maggie Sottero Size 8
MV0015- Maggie Sottero 
Size 8 
Maggie Sottero Size 10
MV0020- Maggie Sottero 
Size 10 
Bien Savvy Size 10
MV0025- Bien Savvy 
Size 10 
Romantica Size 10
MV0027- Romantica 
Size 10 
Nicole Aurora Size 12
MV0031- Nicole Aurora 
Size 12 
House of Nicholas Size 12
MV0032- House of Nicholas 
Size 12 
Justin Alexander Size 14
MV0050- Justin Alexander 
Size 14 
Victoria Jane Size 12
MV0055- Victoria Jane 
Size 12 
Kenneth Winston Size 20
MV0068- Kenneth Winston 
Size 20 
Berketex Bride Size 20
MV0070- Berketex Bride 
Size 20 
Liri Lima dress size 14
MV0075- Liri Lima 
Size 14 
Verise Size 10
MV0077- Verise 
Size 10 
Sofia Bianca dress size 14
MV0051- Sofia Bianca 
Size 14  
Phil Collins dress size 14
MV0013- Phil Collins  
Size 14 
Lorenzo Rossi dress size 12
MV0008- Lorenzo Rossi 
Size 12 
Dando London Size 10
MV0014 - Dando London Size 10 
Victoria Jane Size 10 & 14
MV0030 - Victoria Jane Size 10 & 14 
Mori Lee Size 14
MV0022 - Mori Lee 
Size 14  
Ronald Joyce Size 14
MV0023 - Ronald Joyce  
Size 14 
Enzoani Size 12
MV0035 - Enzoani 
Size 12 
Ella Rosa Size 14
MV0084 - Ella Rosa Size 14 
Enzoani Size 10
MV0085 - Enzoani Size 10  
Enzoani Size 12
MV0086 - Enzoani 
Size 12 
Lenovia Size 10/12
MV0087 - Lenovia  
Size 10/12 
Ella Rosa Size 14/16
MV0071 - Ella Rosa Size 14/16 
Ella Rosa - Size 12
MV0089 - Ella Rosa Size 12 
Mori Lee Size 14
MV0082 - Mori Lee  
Size 14 
Enzoani Size 14
MV0002 - Enzoani 
Size 14 
Romantica Size 18
MV0090 - Romantica  
Size 18 
Ella Rosa Size 12
MV0095 - Ella Rosa  
Size 12 
Ella Rosa - Size 10/12
MV0093 - Ella Rosa Size 10/12 
Maggie Sottero 2 piece size 12
MV0007 - Maggie Sottero 
2 piece Size 12 
Mark Lesley Size 12
MV0091 - Mark Lesley  
Size 12 
Sonsie Size 24
MV0094 - Sonsie  
Size 24 
Ella Rosa Size 12
MV0095 - Ella Rosa  
Size 12 
"Met with Michelle today and really enjoyed the whole experience. 
She has a beautiful selection of dresses. The setting is lovely and we were made to feel really welcome. 
She was friendly and professional offering us a prosecco on our arrival. 
Nothing was too much trouble. 
Highly recommend. Thank you Michelle." 
Karen, Kent 
"Just WOW! what an amazing experience!! I had the best morning trying on such beautiful dresses! I'm still in shock that I have purchased my dream dress! 
Michelle is amazing, made us feel so welcome and comfortable such a talented lady! 
I cannot wait until may until I wear beautiful dress" 
Lisa, Kent 
"Recommend! Lots of beautiful dresses, Michelle couldn’t of been more helpful, she let me try on as many dresses as I wanted and it was so much fun! The showroom was lovely! Our own personal experience with a glass of bubbly! Thank you for such an amazing experience! We had a lovely time!" 
Lauren, Kent 
Bliss Barn Retreat, Back Street, Leeds, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 1TE 
Telphone: 01622 861677 | Email: hello@mvbridalandmakeup.co.uk 
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